The quintessential language of self-care

nuqina hydrating serum
Nuqina is a way of life, consisting of every small act of kindness practiced upon the body. From ayurvedic pearls of wisdom and the natural bounties of India, we bring to you the quintessential language of self-care

Bakuchiol and Patchouli Hydrating Serum - Earthy Grace

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Embark on your self care journey

We are born of the harmony between the bounties of nature and the wisdom of our ancient heritage of self-care. Nuqina is a homecoming, a return to the serene sparkling waters, tranquil forests and vast, boundless fields of the subcontinent.

Ayurveda: The Knowledge of Longevity

In Sanskrit, ayur refers to age or longevity, and veda stands for knowledge. Ayurveda is therefore the science of longevity, of what constitutes eternal wellness...

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