Love Begins At Home

Nuqina (nu-qee-na)  

Nuqina is a way of life, consisting of every small act of kindness practiced upon the body. From ayurvedic pearls of wisdom and the natural bounties of India, we bring to you the quintessential language of self-care.
A symbol of our universal approach, ‘nuqina’ finds roots in languages across the world, such as the Hindi word ina (ईना), meaning strength, the Arabic nuqi (نقي), meaning pure, the French nu, meaning bare, and the traditional Chinese concept of qi (气), meaning a vital life force that forms a part of all living entities. In the hands of our founder, the amalgamation of these concepts came together and found the meaning it was looking for.

as within, so without

We believe in the mutual interconnectedness of the body and the mind with all of creation. Ancient Indian wisdom holds that the body is the first home to be cherished and taken care of. When we make an offering of restorative care to the body, it results in beauty that flourishes with time. 

We root from this harmony between nature’s sublime compassion and our cultural teachings of kindness to self. We call upon the experience of meditative self-love, wholly organic rituals that nourish the body, soothe the mind, and bring out a radiance that surges from within.

a return to nature

We are born of the harmony between the bounties of nature and the wisdom of our ancient heritage of self-care. Nuqina is a homecoming, a return to the serene sparkling waters, tranquil forests and vast, boundless fields of the subcontinent. Self-care is making a holistic shift towards the environment, and we are leading the way.

Each authentic ingredient is meticulously chosen from the depths of nature, the ultimate purveyor of refinement and elegance. Inspired by timeless Indian traditions, we have composed for you a fine balance of nature and culture to rekindle the joy of self-care.

the promise of purity

From the origin of the ingredient to its formulation and packaging, we are what we promise, every step of the way. Each component is responsibly sourced and delicately crafted into the final products, which are then packaged with care to maintain their pristine state.

Nuqina stands for beauty without the mystery. We are transparent as the morning dew, starting from, but not limited to, disclosing all our ingredients. Your trust is our virtue, and so we invite you to explore the purity and potency of our authentic self-care rituals.

for one, for all

Our loyalty to carefully crafted natural practices allows us to serve many diversities of body types, shades and concerns. Our products are devised with care to meet a wide range of needs, so we can walk hand-in-hand with the community of the world. 

Crafted by the mingling of the natural and cultural repositories of India, we strive to create practices with a universality that we can usher into the world. Our products are imbued with holistic elements that are suitable for all our glorious bodies—men and women, young and old. We are committed to inclusivity. We are committed to you.

About the Founder

While growing up, I acquired a holistic lifestyle. Self-care driven by a sense of self-worth and gratitude became the center of my philosophy. With every act of compassion I practiced on myself, I felt more and more empowered to manifest everything I desired.

Carrying my roots all the way to France, Germany and Italy, I was motivated to create a ripple effect of change—starting from the wisdom of our ancestors, and going out to benefit the global community. Then, when the world came to a standstill, in a moment of pause and reflection, Nuqina was born.

Nuqina has come to embody this universality, rooted in the natural repositories of India. We are keen on offering the highest experience of pure, sustainable and exclusive self-care, handcrafted for the diverse needs of our global audience. Reshaping my self-care rituals transformed my relationship with myself, and therefore my life. And now, it’s time to trailblaze this journey of transformation for you.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your journey.

Love, Shreya